Just got a package from my Mom.  Thanks Mom!  Grigri for climbing, lots of candy, Thanksgiving foods, and a thermometer so I started measuring temperatures.  Going to convert to F.

Right now outside 42 – Doesn’t seem cold but everyday there is a 10+ km/h wind blowing, and the air is very dry.

My bathroom 53 – In the morning colder.  The toilet seat is freezing, I won’t be surprised if we happen to have a super cold winter again and I see ice in my bathroom.

My room 59 – Very comfortable in sweatpants and sweatshirt.  But a little too cold for sleeping and I think it gets colder as night wears on.

Being cheap with the heater again this year.  Last year I was getting some insane bills for heating.  This year I’m weather proofing my home some.  Putting plastic and bubble wrap on the windows.  Making things more airtight.  It should help, but I am curious if the time and $20 invested will pay off in a single winter.  Unlikely, but it is rewarding to have a home and make improvements and upgrades.  I guess I understand why my mother takes leaf blowing and grass mowing so seriously.  I bought a nice rug and some Christmas lights I hung on my ceiling so my place feels much more homey and comfortable.  I hope everyone back home is having a warm winter too.  Enjoy Thanksgiving together!