This is my big text update.  The pictures I will post in later.

Sorry for long time between updates I’ve been really busy recently and my schedule changed from 2-9pm to 8-3pm for January.  So I don’t have time for late night blogging anymore.  I have DMZ pictures, travel to Pohang, some new year pictures and just day to day stuff around Busan.  I’m planning my post-contract travel and kicking around a lot of ideas.  Maybe 2 months in SE Asia and 2 month roadtrip in the US.  It’s hard to plan things so far out and I’m not one for making big plans so I’m dragging my feet a little.

Weight training has gone really well.  In the past 6 months I went from 63-64kg to 69.2kg and all of that was lean muscle gains except the last kilogram which was probably fat because of poor eating.  I started climbing again and am trying to drop the extra fat and keep the lean muscle, maybe 66 or 67kg then I’ll start up weight training again and be in good shape for summer.  Eating enough food was always difficult for me because of fast metabolism and not a lot of time to eat.  Recently I changed my relationship with food and have been enjoying cooking and been enjoying eating more, and making time for both.  I think it is why the last kilogram was not really a clean gain.  So I’m trying to hold back my appetite for the first time in life which is a little awkward, we’ll see how it goes.

My relationship with Hyeon Mi is great.  The trip 2 weeks ago to Pohang was a lot of fun and brought us even closer.  Looking back at the 500 some picture we’ve taken together last night made me realize how much I really care about her.  She is recently unemployed, going to the climbing gym daily, English classes daily, and blogging and staying busy.  She is a really good student and is studying English even after class.  She has though of some really cool ideas about starting our own private English classes/lessons after my contract finishes.  I’d like to road trip around the USA with her but she seems a little cautious, because she is unemployed and doesn’t have a lot of money now.  My only concern with the relationship now is just the amount of time I spend on it.  She comes over often and I really enjoy her company: cooking, eat, watching TV together and talking.  But I never get anything accomplished and will just spend an entire day doing nothing.  I like relaxing, but I also want to update the blog, go climbing, go for a run, do something.  I haven’t played a video game in like a full month.  It’s something I need to talk about with her, either doing things like going for a walk/run together or getting more free time to spend on video games, blog updates or whatever I want to do alone.  I think it’s mostly my fault because I rarely say, no.  So I’ll need to work on that.

Work has been a pain these days.  As head teacher I’m catching a lot of bullshit that doesn’t need to be there and has been manufactured by other foreign teachers.  Then Korea lumps us together so “all the foreign teachers” are pissing off the Korean staff.  There was talk of firings and other stuff.  Fore sure we are downsizing from 6 foreign teachers to 4.  I think a smaller staff will be nicer and work together closer.  However it is important that the school stays alive so I can get paid flight, severance and other goodies which would be roughly $5000.  Enrollment always drops off in January so I have faith it will pick back up in Feb.

An aside about work is I’ve somehow lost the trust of the female foreign staff.  They never come to me for problems.  They can’t take no for an answer, and they get vocal and emotional when things don’t go their way.  Recently it has caused a lot of negativity and trouble in the work place.  I feel like it is a failure on my end as a leader.  I have a lot to learn in that realm.  Namely, leading people that don’t want to be led, that are leaders themselves.  In scouts I always found leading by example to be an excellent way to get people behind you, to support your actions, and have them trust you.  But they are unwilling to follow my example.  In the end, they (foreign staff females) are too confrontational with the Korean staff and it has cascaded into a series of problems.  I also think I need to realize leading in boy scouts where it is only male is very different from leading in a co-ed environment.  Men and women both respond differently to different things and I think that is where I’m under-prepared.