I’m having real issues making time for blogging.  Maybe I don’t see it as important enough but I got some stuff I want to brag about for a bit so indulge my ego.  Later I’ll get to some of the bad stuff.

On Jan 1st instead of joining a gym and jumping on the new years band wagon I jumped off it instead.  On Jan 1st I ended 3 months of a lifting program and started the climbing gym for 2 months.  Climbing was great to get back into but with it warming up I decided it was time to quit and start climbing outside.  There was also a sale on gym memberships @ $130 for 3 months so I’m back to lifting.  Gym is pretty crowded in the spring, everyone chasing the beach body.  I weighted in at 63.8kg (140lb) I left the gym two months ago at 69.2kg (152.5lb).  So I dropped almost a 1.5lb a week.  I’m pretty happy that I could get my diet back in check, but I stopped eating a lot of protein and had some lazy weeks so I lost a lot of power too.  I’m starting a new lifting program called “Starting Strength” it is one of the popular beginner program.

The bitter cold days are gone and it is warming up.  It makes me happy and I counted down my working days left.  Only 78 days to go!  I’m counting a little too early which is worrisome but it is a relief as well.

School was nuts, they screwed two previous teachers out of $200 each, and were doing some shady stuff like not giving out pay slips.  I am $1700 behind on my pension payments, but I informed the school and they’ve promised they will fix it.  It seems I’ve figured out how to get shit done.  I typed up a concise, not angry, here is the problem message and delivered it to the school.  I have a lot more piece of mind because the school isn’t upset with me, and my problem should be resolved.

We have some new teachers and I’m realizing I’m sort of bad at welcoming people.  I help around the office, but my personality isn’t very interactive or outgoing so people don’t feel comfortable coming to me with problems.  At least I think…I gotta work on leadership I’m pretty certain I’m doing something wrong.

Things are pretty good with Hyeon Mi, but have been better.  I think she is bored or feeling unfulfilled now that she is unemployed.  She studies hard and is going to English class 4 hours a day.  She is doing it for me, but when I tried to let her know that she doesn’t have to do that for me she got a little upset.  Language has never been a problem for me in our relationship.  I understand everything she says and she seems to understand me great.  We have these little conflicts after we drink with some of her friends usually.  I had to call her and tell that her friends made me uncomfortable and it snowballed into me being the bad guy for telling her she doesn’t need to go to English class 4 hours a day to make me happy.  Then I got asked the “why do you like me question?”  It’s a question that makes me cringe because I feel like a relationship is in danger if the reasons I like you aren’t apparent.  Either I suck at giving you the validation and security you need in the relationship, or you are bad at picking up on it. Or this is all a test.

Her friend was telling me to talk Korean over and over and when I tried it everyone thought it was a big joke, including Hyeon Mi.  Then I asked a question in Korean and it went completely ignored even after I repeated it and at that point I sort of realized, me communication in Korean is not effective communication for people that can speak English.  If I want to be a jester and be the funny foreigner it’s great, but after 1.5 years of that I’m sort of sick of it to be honest.

Tonight is taco night so I’m pumped for that.  In fact that will be many taco nights on the horizon thanks to my mom’s care package!

I had the flu and was sick as a dog 2 weeks ago.  I thought I was dying and had a 103+ fever.  Luckily I got over it fast but my digestive system is a little slow recovering.

I bought 2 bikes for $50 when Paige left.  A good deal I think, so me and Hyeon Mi went for a before work bike ride along the beach Wednesday.  It was great to get out and ride.  My legs were actually a little sore but I had a great time.  Hyeon Mi had not ridden a bike in a LONG time.  She ended up crashing twice as soon as we started and we had to go to an empty parking lot for her to practice riding a bike again.  It was really fun like teaching a kid.  She was really cute.

We experienced some real Korean activities too.  Saw my first wedding.  Father in law singing on stage, new husband and friends singing and dancing KPOP songs.  It was a grand affair.  Crappy buffet afterwards.  But we did it in a new city, Changwon.  And Hyeon Mi had a friend that let us sleep over.  It was a really good time and we ate and drank and had a great time.  Her Changwon friend was super cool.

A week before that we went to Seong Hoon’s wife’s nephews 1st birthday.  A very big event in Korea especially the first child.  They have no baby shower so this is how they get the money for diapers and what not.  Guests can win small prizes, there is a buffet too, the new parents are given money.  And the child has to pick one of 6 prizes.  Each prize symbolizes something.  Thread – long life, money – rich, microphone – good speaker/singer, etc. Guests select what they want to baby to pick and winners get a prize.  I was the lone person to select long life.  Money and good speaker were very popular.  Being rich is overrated, would rather life longer and experience more.  This place was designed for these parties.  You had MC’s that sing and dance, watch a professional slide show of baby pictures; it was a real event!

I got a yogurt machine and have been cranking out homemade good stuff.  We(me and hyeonmi) went for a walking road along Taejongdae and saw some beautiful coastal views (yes mom, you’ve been there) we baked doughnuts and had went climbing for the first time it was just us.  I really like climbing without all the extra people.  Hyeon Mi climbed her first 5.9 and plans to lead it next time.  I’m really excited to see her progress.

Anyway life is good I can’t complain.  taco time!  Pictures to come later, SORRY!