My recent obsession is my exercise program.  I’ve been stubborn with the exercise days and I’m trying to never move them or change the days.  Maintaining a routine simply just to have one.  I both enjoy and hate the rigidity of such things, and would often criticize people that did similar, but now I understand.  I’m deadlifting 210lbs and squating 175lbs.  I’m a real beginner still, but it is always good to see constant improvement anywhere in your life even if it is something as simple as picking up a heavy thing and putting it back down.  I’ll post some graphs and stuff later.  I got a good workout journal app with lots of features.  So far I’ve been at this program for 6 weeks, but it is starting to get very difficult.  I’m have a little pain in my back from trying to deadlift too much I think.  I want to go to the hospital and get a spinal X-Ray make sure everything is okay and get my back angle measured to make sure I’m not making my scoliosis worse.  I’ve heard these compound weightlifts are good for the back, but better to be safe than sorry.

Climbing festival last weekend, a big boulder party  with about 90 people.  It was a lot of fun and it was my first time bouldering. One guy busted a knee and Hyeon Mi sprained her ankle bad so we had to shuffle out.  The foreigner climbing community is great though I love those people.  Everyone really nice, caring and helpful.

I finally got my pension money.  Well most of it, of the $1,782 they gave me all but $115 because they taxes it, “accidentally” so I should be getting the remainder soon. Summer is very near and I’m excited!

Me and Hyeon Mi went to Jeonju and Jinhae recently.  I have some pictures of the trip and will upload eventually…Jeonju was the highlight of my year so far.  So much good food and stuff to see.