So dabbling in weightlifting has led me to learn more about nutrition.  Counting calories, and macro nutrients is sort of interesting.  With my upcoming unemployment I’m trying to cut costs and see how little I can spend in a month.  Monthly bills, rent, gym put me slightly under $600 a month in reoccurring payments.  Which leaves the rest to food for essentials.  Made a spreadsheet with some of my favorite foods to find out the most cost effective way to eat.  Today was my first day making it so there a lot of improvement to be made but…

I could have a pretty balanced diet (in terms of carbs/fat/protein balance) of 2650 calories.  It would consist of a crap ton of oats and peanuts lol.  It totals at about 3000W a day($3 USD), not including vitamins, fish oil, and creatine, which I take daily.  Food is actually pretty expensive in Korea, if you don’t look in the right places.

Did something to my neck recent and had insane pain there.  Maybe lifting.  But I think sleeping funny caused it.  Muscle spasms and neck locked up was not a fun day to teach.  1 day later it feels better but still uncomfortable.

7 days of class left, woooooo!