I dare you to watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edx9D2yaOGs

It goes along with my movie review later a bit.

Watched “The Good the Bad the Ugly” last week (1966).  What a good and strikingly different movie compared to the stuff we get now.  I feel like almost every superhero/action movie we get follows the same cliches and plot.  Maybe this movie is no different, it just follows cliches I’m not familiar with.  I’ll give a brief review.  The instant the movie starts you realize this is not some western reboot.  You get hit with a 5 minute long credits scene that is both well animated and interesting filled with music.  Previously it was mandated by the MPAA that full credits play at the start of the film not the end.  I kind of like this, it’s boring but it is important to notice the people that put in effort on the film.  And lets be honest we sat down to waste time, relax, and enjoy a movie.  We don’t have a schedule to keep to.

From the first scene you pick up on a common cinematic style that is used throughout the film.  Lots of facial close ups where actors have to show different emotions.  Less sprawling scenes, everything looks like it could have been shot in the same old western town.  The movie does deliver some wide scenery shots that are really nice just because it’s so rare to see a wide open desert or mountains in movies now.  We have to be visually overloaded with green mountains, blue water falls, a star filled sky and flying blue aliens on dragons for anything to be considered interesting.

The cinematography was interesting because the technology is so far behind.  No steady cams no massive wide angle lenses.  Most shots just have a static camera that swivels or sometimes moves on a track.  You can also see how far prop design has come and acting itself has changed over the years.

My favorite part is the lack of dialogue.  Characters act out their actions and you only see the actions they take.  You don’t hear them talking with each other about what they think or what is on their mind.  It’s nice not to be in the characters head so much.  Instead of a “i’m going to the generator room to shut down the reactor.  we need to restart the forcefield manually, the restart code is 331” You just get things like someone going to a room with a sign that says reactor, you see them put in the code and the force field comes up.  Everything does not need to be explained, and the mystery of it all is part of the fun.  Especially in this movie where you have 3 characters plotting against each other to get rich.  They don’t hatch a plot aloud, you don’t know their plans before they take action.  It leaves you surprised when you see what their plan is.  Also the lack of dialogue forces you to read into things like facial expressions, body language.

It could just be my preference, but I like when I experience a story.  And I’m not told a story.  My favorite manga/comic of all time is “BLAME”.  The manga is probably 1000 pages of pictures, maybe 50 of them have any meaningful words.  But it makes those words that much more important.  It also lets you take in all visual scenery, because you aren’t thinking about dialogue.

The civil was a constant point of contention in the film and they used a lot of amputee actors during the film and gave a pretty good feel for it.  Interesting because I’ve only seen the civil war from the perspective of a civil war documentary, not as an event that happened along side normal people going about their lives.  Amputee actors seem non-existent in today’s films, I guess nobody wants to see that.

The movie clocks in at just under 3 hours, pretty much unheard of for modern day movies.  I think because people lack any sort of attention span and need constant over the top stimulation throughout entire films.  When I saw the first Hobbit movie in 4D IMAX, all I could think about was how tired my body and brain was after that.  Don’t get my wrong I really like modern movies, but I feel like some of the techniques of the past could be adapted to certain types of newer films and be successful.

Clint Eastwood is also incredibly handsome.