Getting to Geoje was a little bit of a pain.  About 3 hours with buses and subway but only cost a few bucks to get there.  Once we arrived got some fried chicken and headed to the beach.  The weather was great and the water was much clearer than Busan.  The beach was lined with tents from people camping out, lots of car campers there in the parking lot too.  We ate at a pricey, but delicious fried pork place and did a lot of walking.  It was a fun trip, just one night and not too expensive.  Getting home was a hassle, we got confused with the buses and had to wait a long time.  So many foreigners in Geoje.  Ship building is a huge thing there.  I think it is #3 in the world or something in boats produced.  People from all over there, never seen so many foreigner bars in downtown Geoje.