In March me and Hyeon Mi went to Jeonju.  A city in Korea touted for it’s authentic and most delicious food, as well as rich history.  We drove and stayed in a hostel one night and one in a hanok.

We started with a short hike outside the city near a mountain called Maisan.  The mountain features unique geology and two adjacent temples.  Jeonju has a lot of history and in the historical district every house/building is hanok styled.  A little disingenuous hen you see people tearing down old buildings and replacing them with brand new hanok styled homes.  Like many things in Korea it just doesn’t seem bonafide.  Interesting to see nonetheless.

Jeonju’s food is amazing and I tasted 3 different foods, all 3 were the best I eaten had in Korea.  The pictures are roughly in order so enjoy.