Planned a bit for tmrw.  Taking a train when I wake up, and staying at another capsule inn.  I love these places so cheap and comfortable.  Like being in a hostel dorm but with privacy.  I’ll be staying in Shibuya, the party/drinking area.  I hope I can muster the courage to go out and share some sake with the locals.  I’m a bit lonely.  I will say for all the Korea bashing I was doing that, Korea surely has some good points.  Koreans are a lot more social and friendly, even with each other.  I see a lot less hand holding, arms around each other in brotherly love here.  Public drinking isn’t common and there is no chairs outside convenient marts to have a beer at.  These could be a product of my environment (a historical city), so I can’t say for sure.

The legs are sore from running all over Kyoto.  I got a little lost today and stubbornly tried to walk distances I should not be walking.   I saw the things I wanted to so that was neat.  11 days left.  Last 3 will be in Osaka maybe 1 in Nara so I have 7 days to play with between Fuji and Tokyo.  I feel like I’m rushing too much, I really do hate planning things.  Just now tried to make reservations in Tokyo but everything was booked.  Got on and booked a 3,700 yen room for 2,400.  It was listed in the Lonely Planet book but the owner couldn’t speak English.  My 1,300 yen savings.  I made a Google Doc I will share at the end of my trip with break down for spending if people are curious or considering traveling to Japan themselves.  Flying by the seat of your pants and last minute booking is a little scary, but there is money to be saved it appears.

Hiroshima and Matsumodo are competing for daytrips…