I am rethinking how I want to approach this blog.  I’ll update it with my plans for the future.  I’m at a bit of a crossroad in my life and feel like I’m ready to grown up a bit.  I see the value in more education and I’m going to double down on Korean language study programs.  I’m applying to some universities this week for their intensive classes.  I figure it can’t really hurt and it is a constructive way to spend my time.  I am debating online degrees in TESOL to open university teaching possibilities.  Engineering is always in the back of my mind as well…

My first year in Korea was very productive and I got a lot out of the experience.  My second year seemed like I was simply going though the motions.  Settling down into a mundane life that I sort of tried to escape by going to Korea in the first place.  I plan to make this year dedicated to Korean study then either GRE prep, selecting a Masters program for TESOL, or going back to school next year for a masters in engineering.

Who knows, I’m still alive, healthy, and it was great to come home and see friends and family again.  Happy holidays to everyone and I hope you enjoy time with loved ones.