Making pork neck with veggies right now.  From scratch pizza is planned for the weekend.  My electric bill will suck but whatever.

I got propositioned a job making $3,000 a month but it is one hell of a commute and would require me dropping university.  It’s a pretty unique oppurtunity and I don’t think these come often.  I plan to get more information and then think about it some more.  It’s only a 2 hour class in the morning so in theory I could have 3 pay checks and still be working fewer classroom hours than before.  The problem is I think the position requires a car because of the commute.  Something to think about.  I would be teaching adults however which would be an entirely new experience.

Hyeon Mi is trying to help me set up private tutoring which is the way to make the best money I think.  More on that as it evolves.

That said, this part time work is really nice.  Opportunities are presenting themselves already.  This would be a position I couldn’t have even considered 1-2 years ago.

Life has sort of settled down.  I work from roughly 2-7 everyday.  The classes are great and not stressful.  The co-teachers are great.  No work place hostility or passive aggressiveness.  I think only being at each school 2-3 days a week has a lot to do with that.