I have this paranoid feeling that something bad is coming.  We have massive wealth inequality that is just getting worse.   I read a few quotes from Marx’s books and they talk about how capitalists buy out other capitalists and make these ever increasing companies that are able to sell things at ever cheaper prices.  You see it with Wal-mart, and Amazon.  Consolidation of the banking and media industries.  Real wages are declining.  We are losing jobs to automation.  As Marx said, capitalism progresses and it replaces the workers with capital and makes them obsolete.

It is absolutely crazy that I can take, let’s say $10,000.  Put it in the stock market, and a few months later have several hundred more dollars.  Where did that money come from?  The idea that capital makes more capital seems obviously unsustainable.

Today at work one of the other teachers said we should just get rid of school.  The idea never really occurred to me.  It is pretty much a jail and day care center for the kids.  I think if I had kids I would want the freedom/time to home school them.  You can probably teach them a lot better and make it something other than jail.

I don’t have any answers.  I just think we need to look at education and capitalism from a different angle.  They seem to have huge problem that nobody is interested in solving.