So it’s been about half a year since my last update.  Things have sort of settled into a routine and become a little less unique (less wow factor) so fewer things perk my interest enough to pull out the camera.

I took Korean Language class at university.  A 10 week 200 hour course.  I put in as much time as I could while managing full time work + 4 hr a day of class.  I learned a great deal but I failed to pass the class by 2%.  70% is a passing grade here.  Still proud I attempted it, and I may go back in the fall.  I would really like to study while working less so I can focus more time on school work.  Being occupied 7:45am-7:30pm does take a toll and I was really happy to be finished with the class.

My grandfather passed away recently too.  Loss is difficult for anybody to deal with, especially when you are isolated and away from your family.  Your peers don’t fully understand what you’re going though, and your family has to mourn without you.  I lost my Dad while I was in Florida, my grandmother while in Korea, and now my grandfather while in Korea.  This is by far the most difficult about living abroad.

I like both my new schools.  The classes are small, the kids are fun, and there is very little paperwork.

The weather is warming up and it feels great to spend the mornings running on the beach and just taking it easy.  Looking forward to swimming when it warms up more.  I also threw $500 at a pretty nice used bike.  Replacing some parts on it, but it’s a pretty decent hardtail MTB.  Setting a goal of riding the 4 rivers trail from Busan to Seoul this year, almost 600km.

Still happily together with Hyeon Mi and thinking more seriously about things.