TSA failed to stop 67 of 70 attempts to smuggle contraband though TSA checkpoints.  You can draw a few conclusions from this.  The obvious one, TSA is ineffective in stopping threats.  Second, no one is trying to hijack planes; if 95% of the time bad stuff gets though security and 0 planes have been hijacked in the past 14 years.  It’s a show, “Security Theater”, to make people feel safer, justify spending of tax money all while eroding civil liberties.  The reinforced cockpit door is the only thing that has made air travel safer.  It was both the cheapest and most effective and reliable way to stop threats.  You want to make air travel even safer?  Remove the pilot, let computers fly it the same way they do the drones we use to bomb people with.


Some solid investigative journalism turned up that proved what I’ve long suspected.  The FBI creates these terrorists to justify their funding.  They find mentally ill, young and naive or desperately poor people, offer them a truck load of money.  Give them the detailed plans on how to carry out a specific illegal action, then provide them with the funding, tools, and expertise to do it.  Including paying the taxi fare so the would be terrorist can make it to his destination.  Then make a “Hollywood ending” take-down and arrest them.  There is a good chance that if you heard of a FBI terrorist arrest in the past 14 years, it was done with this same method.

This case reminds me of the ATF screw up with Fast and Furious, where they let 2,000 guns be sold to cartel members.  This shit needs to stop.

Law enforcement seems more dangerous to the general population than ever before.  Number of people killed by police in 2015 is approaching 500 and it is only June.  There are stories on the internet every month of police shooting people.  Most recently I read about police being called to check in on grandparents (shot dead), help with a potential suicide (shot dead), and fleeing suspects shot dead in the back.

We’ve also go no-knock raids on innocent homeowners, where the SWAT team shows up at 2am (because they trusted the word of a crackhead), bust your door down and start shooting.  If you have a dog they kill it for you.  If you have a gun and try to defend yourself from the people that bust in your front door at 2am, they kill you.

Couple this with asset forfeiture, where simply possessing cash of any quantity is assumed to be drug money and you have to prove it isn’t.  Once you do that Herculean task the police will give you 50% of your money back, oh, and legal fees are out pocket too.  There is a lot wrong law enforcement in general in the US, from the local PD all te way up to the FBI.

The “Freedom Act” was passed recently too.  Patriot Act 2.0, it added several protections for CIA/FBI and prevents Freedom of Information Act requests.  Why the hell is everyone so afraid?  These pieces of legislation don’t help you or keep you safe.  They give 3 letter agencies massive overreach of power and remove checks and balances as well as transparency.