Probably didn’t hear about it on the news, which is convenient.  TPP is filled of all sorts of stuff.  It can enable Phillip Morris to sue member nations over lost profits if they add regulations to their cigarette market.  It works in reverse too.  Foreign companies can sue the US Government, ie. the US tax payer.

The patent laws and IP laws have spun out of control in the US, and now we are doing our best to apply them globally.  This TPP was designed behind close doors by corporate lawyers and not our elected policy makers.  Our elected policy makers just blindly voted to not have a debate about the bill.  That is what fast track means.  So it will go to a simple up and down vote and no debate will be held.  I’d be surprised if any of our lawmakers even read the bill, god knows what is in it.  They public can’t even see it until it is passed.  How insane is that?!