We’ve started to think about the US road trip and that one above is “only in your dreams”  We are planning to travel at least a month.

Me and Hyeon Mi both agree for that much time on the road we need a comfortable place to sleep number one, a fan or AC would be a nice bonus.  We’ve done a lot of tent camping in my backpacking tent and realize that it is too small, and that a comfortable sleep is important.

Option 1: RV Rental (Nope) 

RV rentals are over $4000 for that long, plus fuel would make me broke pretty quick.  There are some smaller RV models that looked cool, but I still think they are too pricey.

Option 2: Pick Up Truck Modifications (Possible, but unlikely)

I’ve seen some self built rigs in the back of pick up trucks that allow a place to sleep.  Cheap, but small and require me buying/renting a pick up (not cheap).  Probably the best choice for gas mileage, and the more enjoyable because I would get to build something and customize it, but I don’t think I’ll have enough time to make it.


A cursory look at renting a small tear drop trailer can range for $380-600 a week, according to a company that operates in CA. Not a bad price, they seem to have a pretty good bed, a place to eat.  More expensive models have stoves, refrigerators.  At that price I might as well stay in hotels, but I want to spend as much time in the national parks as I can, so having a basecamp somewhere is important.


Buying a trailer might be an option, I didn’t price it out yet.  Likely too expensive though.


Here is another choice, roof top campers.  They seem like a hassle to get into and out of, easier to set up than a tent and likely more comfortable.  They don’t seem like they would do well in bad weather.  They range in price, around $1000-1500 would be what I spend, which is about the same price as trailer rental.


My other last option is bring my Pontiac Grand Prix which gets about 20 MPG, doesn’t have a ton of space, and the seats don’t fold down.  I would need to buy a bigger tent and traveling would likely be more of a hassle.  Would probably need a roof rack too for space. Setting up the tent, taking it down, worrying about the weather.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do that, but it is the cheapest option, but the most uncomfortable.

If you have any ideas let me know!