Pretty cool show if you like seeing things blow up.  In possibly related news it’s good to see NK calm down about the speaker situation.  Pretty silly news story until you realize 2 people got their legs blown off.

NK plants mine on SK side of border during cloudy night when IR cameras don’t operate well.  Two SK kids get their legs blown off.  SK gets real serious and turns the volume to 11, firing up their dusty propaganda machine that has been in storage for the past 10 years.  NK fires an AA gun, SK artillery radar picks it up as incoming.  SK commander orders 155mm shells to fire, they shoot several.  Both sides stop, but saber rattling continues, subs in the water, SK withdrawing from joint economic zone, but eventually peace talks are made.  For some reason this event had me more worried than any others.  It ended peacefully (unless you were those 2 SK boys), life goes on in Korean Peninsula