The media may have you convinced gun crime is on the rise and that action needs to be taken.  It’s a fine opinion to have and to be in support of gun control, or any legislation for that matter.  But make sure you’re in it for legitimate reasons.


In this Pew Research survey from 2013 roughly 50% of those surveyed think gun crime has gone up since 1993, 10-12% think it has gone down, and the rest say no change.  So this is people’s opinion, now how well does it mesh with reality?

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A 50% decline in firearm homicides from the 1993 high, and half of our survey said gun crime has increased over the same period.  How is this possible?  That the public is this misinformed.  Well, the media only tells us what it wants to, and outside of our everyday bubble we have no one to inform us except the media.  Our world view is entirely controlled by them, it’s a bit scary.

I’m not throwing an opinion out because it can be so divisive, but I believe it is worth noting this disparity between perception and reality.

It is also important to add that in 2015 several cities, including beloved Baltimore, Chicago, and at least 10 others had huge spikes in gun violence of around ~20% compared to 2014.  So maybe this data is not as relevant at it would have been last year, but the idea remains important.