Did a 65km ride to Gyeongju.  A more rural town and it was a good ride.  The start there was a lot of up.  Took 2 breaks along the way and averaged a moving speed is 21 km/hr.  Stopped for my favorite food gukbap, was surprised when it didn’t taste so good.  Then I heard the wait staff talking in Chinese, so that solved that mystery.

Got a hair cut this weekend too.  I’m going to try this sort of mohawk and short ponytail hairstyle.  It’s fun to try and easy enough that I can maintain it myself probably.  Been interested in learning wild edible plants.  Some of these Koreans I hike with they know everything.  Ate some wild strawberries and a few other things.  On a hike with Hyeon Mi’s mom last weekend we saw mushrooms that people had harvested.  I feel like all that knowledge is just going to disappear with these young kids that only know of urban life.