After 3 years here, the one thing that still remains incredibly unique and special is the coming of fall.  It’s my favorite season by far in Korea for a number of reasons.

It’s like turning on a light switch, you go to sleep at the end of August and wake up September after a night of rain and it is suddenly autumn.  The nights have gone from humid, hot, and unbearable to breezy, dry, and chilly.  I can ride my bike to work without breaking into a full blown sweat.  Fall is the best season, but it is also very brief, in less than 8 weeks it will start to get uncomfortably cold, the short pants and shirts will go in the closet and the outdoor activities will stop.  Me and Hyeon Mi are going to go rock climbing this weekend and make the best of the good weather while we can.

I spend the morning at the beach swimming in some pretty rough surf (the water is perfect), the lifeguards are only in their beach chairs from July-August so not a single Korean was in the water on the entire 2 km long beach.  Just me and another foreigner.  It’s been really windy and the wind brings some sizable waves, so it’s a blast to get out in the real ocean instead of the kiddie pool we had this summer.

I missed registration for the Korean classes though the immigration office.  I’m a little disappointed with myself for neglecting it, but I honestly don’t feel the need to learn anymore.  I can get by, more would be better, and I see the value of more, but I’m going to shift my focus on to learning some skills that will transition better to life in the US.  I messed around with some code academy classes and recently downloaded Auto CAD.  I think I will try modeling my room and post it up here when I finish it.