I’m really not sure what to make of Libya, the more I read, the more conflicted I am on the whole thing.  I read about things such as housing being a human right, free electricity, $50,000 for newly married couples to buy a new home, massive public work projects for irrigation, government subsidized cars, government subsidized healthcare, and even government subsidized babies ($5,000 per baby).  All these things sound like a liberal communist utopia.  [But being a Muslim nation, they were very conservative on social issues]

Libya was once a poor African colony that rose up, fought for independence, nationalized its oil, and quickly became one of the richest countries in Africa.  All while under this supposedly terrible evil dictator.  From what I read it seems like most citizens genuinely liked Ghaddafi because of the social support networks supported by the nationalized oil money.  He ended his chemical weapon programs when asked by the UN, he also complied with WMD searches.  In the end, it appears he actually had terrorists in his country and he was trying to get rid of them and protect his people.

On the other side you read these UN reports that painted the situation as much more diabolical.  Protesters being gunned down and fired upon, human rights being violated, etc.  There is merit to at least some of this.  The truth always seems to be somewhere in the middle.  The worrisome thing is that looking at the picture above, Libya was clearly better off with their “murderous dictator” than their US/Libyan dual-citizen-lead puppet government from 2011-2012, and whatever puppet the US has installed now (that only has control of 20% of the country).

I’m starting to see that he was just an enemy of the West, so he had to go.  He had a strong government with a long history, he was successfully unifying African nations together, he was trying to print a unified African currency that was based on a gold standard (Gold Dinar).

Current map of Libya, 6 different factions fighting over the remains.

It’s a shame too because Ghaddafi was on our side against Islamic terrorists.  The city of Benghazi was know for hosting al-Qaeda’s Libyan franchise, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.  In 2011, Ghadaffi moved to invade Benghazi and clear it out of Al-Qaeda, but suddenly as he was about to take the city NATO started bombing him. He fought a retreat but the extremist militants (armed by the US state department in secret) were simply too much combined with NATO air superiority, cruise missiles and countless sorties.

After writing this I’m not so conflicted anymore.  It is clearly an overreach of the NATO alliance’s stated goals, “of safeguard the Allies’ freedom and security by political and military means”