This guy is something else, transcript and video in the link above.  I’ll be sprinkling in some artwork too.  I took a lot away from the interview, the thing that stuck with me the most is that I trust him.  He lost a brother to alcoholism and swore not to drink, he instilled it in his children too, so that resonates with me personally.

The interview was a great unbiased piece.  Some of the things Trump says come off as a over the top or impossible, but then I noticed myself cheering for him and saying, “Why not?”.  Nothing is impossible, it just requires the political courage to do it, and for once I feel like we the people might have someone that actually has a backbone.  Someone that will put the country before their political party, and the corporations they are beholden to.  I’ve been embarrassed about how my country behaves in the world, this interview put a smile on my face and made me just a little proud to be an American.

He dropped two bombs in the interview that make him come off as a moderate centrist candidate, which is great because we haven’t had a choice except the two extremes for the past 40 years.  Number 1, healthcare.

Donald Trump: There’s many different ways, by the way. Everybody’s got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say because a lot of times they say, “No, no, the lower 25 percent that can’t afford private. But–”

Scott Pelley: Universal health care.

Donald Trump: I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.

It’s either populist pandering (doubtful) or he sees the value in American citizens being healthy.  Universal coverage is something we need, our healthcare costs are out of control, premiums continue to accelerate even more so under Obamacare and being healthy is becoming unaffordable for many.  I don’t think many American’s can comprehend this but if I’m sick in Korea, I have a cold, I can go to the hospital.  It costs less than $30 bucks with insurance less than $90 without.  The wait times are 5-30 minutes, the care is not very personal and it’s meant to be quick.  The medicine is cheap as dirt.  I went to the Emergency room with insurance after food poisoning it cost me $100.  No wait, got medicine, an injection and felt great 2 days later.  Healthcare doesn’t have to remain an abject failure in the US.

It needs to change, and the only two candidates offering it are Trump and Sanders.  The problem with Sander’s plan is he expects the massively bloated, fraud filled Medicare model to handle it, Trump is suggesting private industry does it.  When it comes to cutting cost, you have to go with private industry.  There is a reason the space shuttle doesn’t launch anymore, while SpaceX and Boeing have contracts locked up for the next several years.  The hard part will be preventing crony capitalism with government contracts.

A large part of Trumps appeal is that he isn’t afraid to offend people and say what he thinks. He doesn’t play safe politics like the establishment, so it leads to lots of unjustified name calling.

On to bomb number 2. Taxes.

Donald Trump: We’re talking about people in the low-income brackets that are supposed to be paying taxes, many of them don’t anyway.

Scott Pelley: You’re talking about making part of the population exempt from income tax?

Donald Trump: That is correct.

Scott Pelley: You’re talking about cutting corporate income taxes?

Donald Trump: That is correct.

This probably seems impossible to a lot of people, even the interviewer noted we have $19 trillion in debt.  Trump wants to raise taxes on the richest and to put trade pressure on other countries to boost our economy.  This point Trump that talks about alludes that he is willing to engage in economic protectionism, by threatening tariffs unless trade deficits are reduced.  This is dangerous because it opens us to the same treatment in reverse, but who is going to put tariffs on their exports to the biggest consumption economy in the world?  No one.  So Trump is right that the USA has a lot of influence and pressure that it can use.  That leverage is being used now (wrongly I might add) to secure more free trade agreements and secret trade deals (TPP, TIPA, etc.) that seek to benefit corporations and turn copyright law into an abomination.

Trade loss. When you import more than you export you send money overseas. Look what we’ve been doing for the last 20 years.

The merits of free trade are still debated.  After the late 1994 NAFTA trade agreement our trade defect went from -1% of GDP, and it only took 2 more years for it to break the -1% mark and steadily climb all the way to -6% GDP, a 600% increase.  Free trade is not free.  The American worker suffers, local businesses that don’t export overseas suffer, the American company that is big enough to export to foreign markets wins, their share holders win, and the mindless consumer culture that can buy cheap shit from China wins.

Scott Pelley: What personal hardship has defined your character?

Donald Trump: Well, I think I’ve had some. I had a brother who was a fantastic guy, Fred. And he was a young man and he passed away at a fairly young age. And, he was an alcoholic. He would tell me constantly, “Don’t drink.” And I’ve never had a drink. I own the largest winery on the East Coast and yet I don’t drink which is a little weird. But he said, “Don’t drink. Don’t smoke.” And he would tell me all the time. ‘Cause he had a problem with it. He died of alcoholism.

That is a warning that he’s pressed on his children, three of whom run his companies.

Donald Trump: I have children that are very good children. And– and so far– I knock on wood. Right, you know, who knows.

Scott Pelley: Very accomplished. Your three older children.

Donald Trump: Terrific people. But I say, “No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes.”

At the end of the day Trump seems like an honest guy, a real person, that actually cares about his family, his business, and his country.  I don’t see his ego that people claim is so huge, the self absorbed millionaire.  I see a guy with a lot of pride in his work, family, and country.  Being proud is not wrong and it’s time we all hold our head up a bit.  I’m not talking about screaming “USA USA USA” at the world cup, I’m talking about being decent to people.  When you go in Burger King and order the salad because you don’t want to encourage animal cruelty, but you’ll walk right by the homeless guy hoping to avoid eye contact.


Another appeal is that Trump is not afraid to say what he thinks even if it is viewed as politically incorrect.  The pendulum of social acceptance is swinging almost to the extreme with this Social Justice Warrior thing.  It’s great we have gay marriage, but how far do we push this thing?  We’ve got Ahmed (master clock maker) who I judged wrongly in my previous post before seeing the picture.  A boy who made an intimation bomb, and was offered scholarships, a White House and UN invitation for combating Islam-phobia.  The 17-year old transgender boy who was offered a private locker room because he identifies as a women, decided he wanted to fit in and used the girl locker room instead.  The parents complained, he was banned from the girls locker room and now people are rallying around this man/women, as if some grave injustice has been inflicted. A pedophile who is asking for people to be “understanding and supportive” of his “sexual orientation”.  Trump is a leader that isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade, or an undocumented worker, an illegal immigrant.  It’s not only refreshing, it’s what we need, reality.

The realist in my thinks Trump is too late.  The American empire is already crumbling.  He should have been here years before, but we never would have listened then.  The only reason we listen now is because it’s so obvious that our political machine is broken for 95% of the voting public.


It’s real.

The media’s attempt assassinate his chances is disturbing.  I’ve never seen the establishment in such a panic.  We saw a glimpse with Ron Paul, being ignored multiple times, even though he won the Iowa caucus.  Paul trusted the party and they sabotaged him.  They can’t do that to Trump, not with his poll numbers 10% ahead of anyone else at 20-30% of likely voters.  You can’t do that when people sell out stadiums for your primary election speech.  You can’t do that when 20,000 people come to see you, and 30,000 the next month.  So the media is scrambling to get their boy Bush or Hillary in, I’d like to see Sanders vs Trump.  Fuck the establishment, they’ve done nothing for the middle class.  Make America great again!

In summary I like Trump as a person, I like what he represents as someone outside of politics, I like his frank and no-BS answers, I like that he is successful, cares about his family and his country, I like that the media DOESN’T like him, and I wish him luck.  I won’t subscribe to any single candidate yet and I suggest nobody does, some of his policy doesn’t seem fully thought out, but we are 14 months away from the elections, so let’s wait and see.

I don’t think 1 person or one election can overcome this nightmare of government that we have spent the last century building up.  The legislators are still in the pocket of companies, the judges still wipe their ass with the constitution.  If Trump wins nothing changes, it will be exactly like Obama’s hope and change.