More evidence that our media is completely bias and doesn’t report facts, they report stories and narratives they want us to hear.  Despite the fact that Hillary is a criminal, she somehow still remains in the lead.  Dropping from 60% to 40% in polls after her private email server was revealed.  There is only one reason to keep a private server and it is to hide your dirt that you did in office, dirt that is legally open to freedom of information act requests.  Want to know who helped turn Libya into a stateless region, this person right here.

Hillary going to get the nomination and there is nothing that can be done about it.  They’ve dug up Chaffe and O’Malley to make it look like a real competition, but they are both polling under 1% and don’t even deserve space on the stage.  There will only be 6 debates this year, there was 28 debates in 2008.  They don’t want anyone but Hillary to have time in the spotlight.


I think I found CNN’s candidate.


Look at this picture and tell me it’s a fair representation of the all the candidates, another obvious hit job on Sanders.


Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson have quickly become my favorite presidents, I need to start reading their biographies.


Relevant to my last blog post. Note Korea’s success, it’s a shame so many students commit suicide. Notice the lack of US.