CISA passes and like all bills congress passes these days the laws tend to do the opposite of what their name implies.  Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act will do a lot of sharing but very little for security.  They bill is said to make us safer online from hackers, yet it includes no requirements for securing networks.  The bill encourages all companies to share their data (OUR DATA!!!) with other private companies and with the government.  Companies will be rewarded with immunity from prosecution.  If we can’t hold the companies accountable for breaking the law, why do we even bother having a law.  This bill violates privacy and will encourage force even more information sharing, which means more leaks, more weaknesses for hackers to exploit and the bill does nothing to address current security flaws.  It encourages centralizing information with the government, and they government sucks at security.

Islamist out for a march in Germany(vid below).  Germany is in trouble, public sentiment is quickly turning against the migrants, they have arrived in such large groups so they aren’t required to integrate with Germany society. Parallel societies are beginning to develop.  Meanwhile temperatures are dropping, there isn’t enough room to house everyone, and desperate people do desperate things.

(The March)

In the US: Man put in jail for teaching people to beat lie detectors.  It should be well known that lie detectors suck, they aren’t permitted as evidence in court, they are used to draw out confessions.  They are easy to defeat and one man started giving classes on how to defeat them.  So the FBI sent agents, set him up, and now he’s going to jail at 70 years old. It’s a really sad story, and it says a lot about what our law enforcement prioritizes.   Polygraphs are required for security clearances, and yet they are based on 1920’s pseudoscience, even the creator of the polygraph regretted ever inventing it.

Had a former investment banker friend in Korea explain interest rates to me.  It appears to explain the impossibly high prices of houses.  Houses cost what people are willing to pay for them, so when interest rates drop, people pay a lot less in interest and are willing to pay a lot more in principle.  This sends house prices up quick.  For example, at a 7% interest rate mortgage will get you a $200,000, and at 3% interest rate you can get a $400,000 house.  The monthly payments between the two houses are the same.  Rates are now at historic lows, but they must be normalized, they can’t stay there forever.  So now is a pretty good time to sell a home.  Home prices and interest rates are inseparable for buyers.

In 2014, More Tennesseans Died From LEGAL Prescription Drugs Than Car Accidents Or Gunshots