Ben is delusional, and he has a lot of skeletons in his closet that are starting to come out.  He’s hyper religious, and comes across as a slow talking idiot.  The most recent skeleton to exit is this video, where he says he believes Biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.  Carbon dating, archaeological finds, and even hieroglyphics all run counter to Ben’s theory.

The GOP is beyond foolish for having such a big primary field.  With the Dems it’s Hillary vs Sanders, while the GOP has whittled it’s 16 person field down to 14…

Since we are a year out I thought I’d just take some shots guessing who will win.

Dems: Hillary will win this primary easily.  Sanders Socialism is scary to a lot of Americans (and economists say the math doesn’t work). The Dems got a black guy in now they need a women to maintain their image as the party of minorities and women.

GOP: It’s really a toss up.  I’d like to see Trump or Cruz go all the way, but honestly I saw what was done to Ron Paul.  If you are outside of the establishment it is likely impossible to win.  People that can’t win: Carson for the reasons above, Fiorina wants WW3, Paul wants to end the Fed, Trump outside establishment and too full of himself, everyone currently polling under 5%.

Cruz, Rubio, Bush

Bush has the money, but Trump is right he’s low energy and another Bush…Americans probably won’t vote for it.  But hell another Clinton will win the Dems, it’s entirely possible.

Cruz and Rubio are both young, 44, with less than 5 years in Federal office.  Their voting records are short and they are politically vetted.  These two will be the ones to take the nomination I suspect.  If I had to pick I would pick Rubio.  I would prefer to see Cruz win it though.

General: Rubio vs Clinton.  Clinton despite being a criminal wins, but she won’t win re-election.