The regressive left has officially consumed itself and is becoming even more outrageous.  Recently at Dartmouth College, Black Lives Matter stormed the library yelling, chanting, and harassing students that are trying to study and get an education.  This follows the incident at University of Missouri where students and professors did their best to stop a journalist from taking pictures of their protest.  Photographers were overwhelmed, pushed back, and silenced from doing their job.  At this top journalist school professors seek to stop the very journalism they teach.  The extra bit of irony was a female professor calling for some “muscle” to get a reporter thrown out. “Current research projects involve 50 Shades of Grey readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga”

While this may seem like a harmless campus protest, it’s not the first.  It won’t be the last.  What happened to the college protesters that stood up against the Vietnam War, what happened to the brave students at Kent State who put flowers in rifle barrels?

Student now take offense that other people should be given the right to speak freely, or that the school administrators won’t write authoritarian rules that govern every aspect of student life.  It appears these students want an authoritarianism.   It’s scary to look at what the younger generation desires.  Most of it is incompatible with the constitution.  The Missouri University president was forced into resignation after he failed to acknowledge his “white privileged” and make sweeping staff changes that would have required hiring of over 230 black professors.  There aren’t enough applicants to do such a thing.

Worth remembering the Chinese Cultural Revolution that ushered in communism was a student revolution.