A take on younger Korean’s view of the term “Hell Chosun” The work environment and social obligations in Korea are so demanding there is little time to focus on one’s self.  People are stuck into these never ending commitments of duty to others and are never given time to focus on themselves.

The internet being the great equalizer has given these young people information on how Western work environments function and they are demanding changes in their country.  Korea is a country that changes slowly in respect to work environments.  Many youth see it as easier to leave the country, they’ve been well educated and most young people have a grasp on some foreign language.  The other option is remaining in Korea where it is more common for youth graduating universities to settle for part time work and give up the hopes of having a family or getting married, or study for 5 years for civil service exams with the hopes of getting a government job.

This is all a huge blunder by Korean society because their most important capital, their highly skilled and educated youth, are fleeing the country for social reasons.

Interview with students.