I have about 20 tabs opened now on stories I wanted to talk about here but it’s too much,  so I will dump all and summarize briefly in no particular order.

Free speech doesn’t exist in Germany.  60 Berlin police raid 10 sites confiscating phones, laptops and computers suspected in posting racist messages online.  This comes after Merkel pressed Mark Zukerberg asking when they will be able to remove racist, and anti-migrant messages and posts from Facebook, essentially State censorship.

Soon it won’t in the US either.  40% of Millennials think the government should be able to prevent people from saying offensive things.

The surge in H1B visas (315,000 in 2014) and the outsourcing of American jobs continues its increase.  These companies have been identified as making their American staff train their overseas replacements.  This 5 minute Video from a 2007 conference where companies were taught how to abuse the green card requirements enabling them to hire cheaper foreign labor, while doing everything possible to deny valid American applicants.

Crime records broken in Baltimore.  Homicide rates have broken the 1990’s high.  The first city to break their record of the early 90’s crime spike.

Diabetes foundation is asking G20 nations to tax sugar. Shifting personal responsibility off individuals, the state is expected to manage our personal health though a tax regimes?  When did taxing go from becoming a way to fund essential government services to a punitive measure with intent on forcing social change?  Not passed, but keep an eye out.

China replaces an entire bridge in 43 hours. As if we needed more proof of Chinese infrastructure and manufacture capabilities.  The $60 Go Pro knockoffs from China are just as good and the picture quality is higher than the $400+ US original Go Pro.  We might all be driving Tesla-style cars in 20 years, but China may be the ones making them.

Campus Activists protest for the remove of Woodrow Wilson name, murals, and statues from the campus.  In the quest to claim moral superiority students have succeed in their protest against the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson, ironically a member of the Progressive Party, proving once again that nothing is sacred.  In a previous post I wrote with regard to a Thomas Jefferson statue being defaced on a different campus, I wrote about the dangers and folly of exploring history without context of the time it took place in.

Student who posted ‘I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus’ … is black.  The oppression Olympics is encouraging people to do insane, crazy things because we reward them with attention, sympathy, and often times money, so it is no surprise to see this behavior of “hate crime hoaxes” to continue.  As universities deploy their crack detectives to investigate who wrote the racist word on the bathroom wall and who left a baggie of dog poop by their dormitory, it should become apparent that we are wasting our time and resources.  The poop bag was left by a blind person with a seeing eye dog…but we still had protests and students claiming they were threatened and that university felt unsafe, due to the incident.



Where are our youth getting these ludicrous ideas? Karen Keller, a kindergarten teacher at Blakely Elementary, is tackling the issue of gender equity by not allowing the boys in her class to play with Legos. “I always tell the boys, ‘You’re going to have a turn,'” Keller told the Review. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, when hell freezes over’ in my head.””I tell them, ‘You’ll have a turn’ because I don’t want them to feel bad,” she said.  Psychopaths are teaching our children.

Girls can’t play with dolls, boys can’t play with Lego’s, in the quest to destroy gender inequality we are damaging our kids.  Men and women are not the same, it is not natural to treat them the same or expect the same from them.  In schools we treat boys like defective girls, sit down, don’t play, don’t wrestle, don’t be aggressive, be quiet.  In my classes, sometimes you have to let the boys be boys.  There is nothing wrong with a 7 year old boy that can’t sit still for 1 hour, he doesn’t need medication or punitive action, he needs attention and he needs to play.

9 year old boy threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing a love note to a crush.  What did he write about?  “How she wears the same uniform and how her eyes sparkled like diamonds,” his mother said.  So what did we accomplish by threatening legal action against a 9 year old?  This 9 year old girl has been told by her school, by her mother, and the police that she is a victim of sexual harassment because she received this note.  Probably not the best thing for a young developing girl.  Then we have this boy that has been told that his affection is not only rejected and unwanted, but that his feelings are criminal.  What are we doing to our children?

This divisive social climate is leading us to ruin.  Even our congress critters are adopting this philosophy, Democrat Claire McCaskill had this to say, “but equally important is encouraging more men to sometimes just shut the hell up.” and “The world doesn’t need your opinion on everything.”  Fantastic, I’ve never told someone I don’t need their opinion; I’ve said I don’t agree with your opinion, or your opinion is ill-informed and it is built on a foundation of lies, but everyone has the right to voice an opinion.


Old news, but it should be no secret we created, funded, and armed Al Queda and the Mujahidin to fight against the Soviets.  The guys blamed for 9/11.

Jewish groups (10 of them) are lobbying for Syrian refugees to come to the US. But Israel still isn’t accepting any refugees.


Refugees coming to America.  I’m torn on this.  We should prioritize our own citizens and ensure homeless veterans are fully cared for and off the streets before we concern ourselves with refugees.  The 10th Amendment offers the Governors immense power within their state and I hope to see Governors stick to their principles and fight back should the Federal branch try to mandate any action within respective states.

“I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

-James Madison

Madison made the argument that Congress was not authorized to spend our tax money on charity.  Accepting refugees is a ‘bandaid solution’ that ignores the real problem of radical terrorism being funded and support by Western nations, Israel and Arab countries.


53% of Americans do not want to accept any Syrian refugees.  Like I said before, I am torn.  It’s a shame to deny these people refuge, but we did deny the French refuge during their 1794 revolution.  I see this as being a very divisive issue and one that would provoke the same sort of, “Problem -> Reaction -> Solution” that lead to the Patriot Act, Afghanistan, NATO bombing in Libya, and Iraq War.  Be extra critical and skeptical of any new legislation that is suggested as a solution to our problems.  Government benefits when we fight among ourselves, only when we are unified are they forced to heed our demands.

The US House of Congress has passed a bill that would demand Federal screening and background checks of all refugees coming to the US.  Seems reasonable, being that it’s required for every other visa application, so why not a refugee visa?  The media is trying to spin this as a religious test, which it is not.  Obama has already declared he will veto it, but they may have enough votes to break the veto.


Sites where refugees would be welcome and placed.



What does government gain from accepting refugees?

Praise of international community, feel goodies, moral self-licensing, expansion of the dependency class.  The government can always count on the dependency class it has created to keep it[government] in power. The bigger the dependency class the more votes the State will receive to maintain the status quo.

Look at what Rome did with its citizenship laws when its end was coming.  Rome at its end provided all of its citizens with free entertainment, free plays, and free food to keep them distracted from political issues.  By keeping them dependent, they were able to sustain their political positions. It worked, and this Rome was destroyed from the inside out.


Food for Thought

Is peace an aberration?  The world has always been in conflict, difference species fighting to survive, competing for limited resources.  It is strange indeed that we think peace is a sustainable idea.  I would love in live in a world free from conflict, but it’s not how the world works.  Conflict is like gravity, it’s always present, and it’s a necessary part of nature.  The cheetah hunts the gazelle, this makes the gazelle faster and the cheetah more cunning.  The EU seems doomed, it’s monetary policy and fiscal policy have failed, it’s immigration policy has failed, the passport free travel zone is about to collapse.  EU nations are building border fences, and once again setting up immigration checks.

Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome?  This is the debate that we should be having.  I would argue equality opportunity is the only fair perspective to have, evaluate people only on their merits exclusively, be blind of their race, gender, and ethnicity.  The progressive left would demand equality of outcome.  50% of the population is women, so 50% of CEO’s and congress critters must be women.  However, they make no mention of 50% of women soldiers or construction workers.  The same game is played with race by campus activists, they will say 20% of the local population is black, ergo 20% of the professors must be black.  Then universities reveal that even if they hired 100% of black applicants they interview they would still fall short of that goal of 20%.


Above you can see racism being laid into the foundation of our education system.  The most racist policy of all, lowering the entrance requirements because schools believe minority students are unable to compete with white and Asian students.  Same MCAT score, same GPA, 20% acceptance rate for Asian students, 81% for black.  A clearer example of institutionalized racism does not exist, but it doesn’t fit the narrative that campus activists are pushing, so we’ll probably never hear about it.paine-common-sense.jpg