Been a less eventful winter this year, I’ve taken up reading as a hobby and been going to the gym more with my free time.  I also got a physical last week, I should get my results soon.  X-Ray, Upper Endoscopy, Vision Check, Blood Pressure, Height/weight/bodyfat, 4 vials of blood for tests, EKG, pee test.  It was a really intense test and the office operates like a factory.  In the two hours I was there, they served almost 250 people.  It cost 50,000 won or $44.  I’ll be interested to see my results.  My blood pressure was a bit high…I should really do some cardio.

As you can tell, on my blog political and government things are bothering me more.  I feel like I’m wasting my time and maybe it is fruitless to even investigate this stuff because I can’t do anything about it.  I don’t want to ignore it, but I feel like I might be obsessing over things that I have no control.  Maybe all the people watching the Kardashin’s are brighter than I give them credit for.  It certainly does make one anxious to even consider that their government ignores us, that they start foreign wars and provide weapons to bad guys, that the people we think are trying to clean up the planet are simply looking to make a buck.  I’m not sure what the best choice is, ignorance certainly is bliss.


Homemade toasted oats, with blueberry, apple, and yogurt


Thanksgiving for two. Yummy, Hyeon Mi made the fried fishcakes from scratch and they sure are good. I did the chicken and veggies.


Hyeon Mi on the wall


Me on the wall.


Double check your knots!