Obama is bent on getting gun control legislation passed.  He’s chipping away at the very edge of the 2nd amendment where he expects little resistance.  From what we are hearing so far I think we can assume that Obama’s legislation will target people on the “no fly list” and essentially ban them from owning/purchasing guns.  There are about 100,000 people on this list.

There 4 simple things wrong with this.

  1. If you’re a bad guy that wants to come here from overseas and buy guns legally, you won’t even make it on the plane.
  2. There is no due process to get placed on this list.  No trial, no judge, no public evidence, no public debate. (This is more a criticism of the list, not the legislation.)
  3. This legislation would not have stopped any of the mass shootings that have happened since the introduction of the “No Fly List”.  It’s a law for the sake of having a law.
  4. Once on the list there is no redress to get off the list.  The ACLU recently won a lawsuit against the TSA over this, because it is indeed a violation of the 5th amendment to limit someones liberty without trial.


The reasons for gun violence are numerous and varied, but the amount of “mass shootings” (4 or more) that we’ve had under Obama has been an astronomical increase compared to his predecessors.  I believe most of this can be traced back to the collapse of our social structure, morals, and primarily our continued economic weakness.

The good news is the “No Fly List” bill was defeated already in Congress, but with Obama giving a speech tonight, it’s a safe bet he will push for some type of gun legislation.  It’s also slightly possible he will throw a curve ball and work the ISIS angel.