Old video from George Carlin surfaced on the web recently, died in 2008.  I really miss his comedy.

It’s a hard line to draw, I feel we need to be aware and more cautious over who we let into the country; but senseless attacks and discrimination against Muslims will only make them more isolated and create potential for violent backlash.

Trump has been big in the news about his suggestion that we should temporarily ban Muslim immigrants from coming to the US.  The media has taken this golden nugget and they are trying to melt it down, forge it and reshape it into a dagger which to kill Trump with.  His poll numbers are now at all time highs, but this comment will likely hurt them a few percentage points.  He clarified it would be a temporary measure that would put a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the US, until congress can sort out an appropriate law.


Trump’s plan is popular among everyone, but especially minorities, one of his best demographics.

This is not in the spirit of the constitution, but Trump has not made a habit of referencing the constitution as his motivations for much of anything [A rather large disappointment for myself].  He works off raw energy and follows the momentum of the people, a populist style.  I don’t like Trumps proposed measure, but I do think something should be done with regard to taking a second look at all Visa applications from Muslim countries.  The most critical part is we need to use existing laws and that big NSA dragnet, look at their facebook, twitter, etc. if you see them rallying in support of ISIS, “liking” Palestinian knife attacks, or taking selfies with an AK74, application denied.

Inadmissible Aliens Laws.  We already have the laws in place, we just need more scrutiny when it comes to enforcement.

(i) In general any alien who has engaged in a terrorist activity; a consular officer, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Homeland Security knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity

(IV) is a representative of a terrorist organization or a political, social, or other group that endorses or espouses terrorist activity;

(V) is a member of a terrorist organization

(VII)endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization;

(VIII) has received military-type training from or on behalf of any organization that, at the time the training was received, was a terrorist organization or

(IX)is the spouse or child of an alien who is inadmissible under this subparagraph, if the activity causing the alien to be found inadmissible occurred within the last 5 years, is inadmissible. An alien who is an officer, official, representative, or spokesman of the Palestine Liberation Organization is considered, for purposes of this chapter, to be engaged in a terrorist activity.

Also worth noting Jimmy Carter banned Iranian travel during the hostage crisis.  We banned Japanese travel during WW2.  There exists precedent for what Trump is suggesting.


4 months after Trump signed the GOP “pledge”, where he refused to run 3rd party, the entire GOP is allying itself to take down Trump.  After a few weeks of what appears to be failure by the GOP to assassinate his chances, it is possible they will force him out and he would run 3rd party.  This benefits Hillary.

There is a current media storm against Trump, comparing him to Hitler, a racist, and all sorts of things.  Look at his actual quotes and not the editorialized interpretation of them.  A coworker call him racist, I asked dimply asked why he thought that way, he said because Trump wants to build a wall.  Enforcement of existing laws is enough to make you a racist now.  I don’t fully support Trump, but I like him as an anti-establishment vote, and he has a lot of good and refreshing ideas.  If the GOP shoots itself in the foot by pushing Trump out, they are done for in 2016, and maybe even forever.  They did it last election with Ron Paul and they’re doing it again.


Watched Dirty Wars (2013) from Jeremy Scahill.  Scahill is one of the last truly investigative reporters.  The movie details how US covert operations are hidden, how the drone attacks breed more radicalism, and the dangerous rise to power of Joint Special Operations Command.  The most notable part of the film is how a 16 year old American citizen was specifically targeted by a drone and killed in Yemen without trial.  There could not be a more egregious violation of the Constitution.

I also listened to a podcast with a Navy Seal, and the truth is we need those guys and we want them.  Especially if we don’t want to fight ourselves.  I was wrestling with this conflict and I’ve come to understand that I applaud our military members and their diligence toward their careers; but the political/civilian machine that directs them is at fault when their orders are violations of the Constitution.  I think of it like a knife.  You want a sharp, strong knife, but if a crazy killer is wielding the knife it’s not as beneficial as a doctor using it for surgery.

[Foreign] Turkey has violated Iraq’s border with 25 tanks.  They claim they are practicing training against ISIS.  Why this training is not done in Turkey, is a valid question to ask.  Iraq has threatened UN security council action, and Turkey has backtracked then said it will not send additional troops.  But Turkey seem to insist on keeping the Turkish troops already deployed to Iraq exactly where they are.  Turkey is suspected to be working with ISIS by buying their oil and providing logistical support.  That could be what is happening here.

[Crazy] Transgender student (Male student with a penis, identifies as a woman) in Chicago has teamed up with the ACLU and Board of Education in his quest to gain access to the girls locker room.  The school has compromised to the point that he is allowed in the girl’s locker room but he should use a special curtain to when changing clothes.  This was deemed unconscionable by the student, so the school capitulated yet again and now every girl in the locker room has a privacy changing curtain.  The student and ACLU are still not satisfied.

[Douglas Murray Quote]  Youtube link 28:20-32:20. “We’ll all be discussing whether somebody who hasn’t got a penis can be a man and whether somebody who has got a penis can be Glamour Women of the Year when the Islamists come in with Kalashnikovs.”

[ISIS Grows] The US intelligence company The Soufan Group, believes there are now between 27,000 and 31,000 jihadists from 86 countries in areas of Iraq and Syria. The previous survey of theirs estimated there was 12,000 foreign fighters in the same area from 2014.

[Syria]  Syria is blaming US for bombing one of their bases, the US says it was Russia. (hate to say it but I’m inclined to believe Russia)  Israel also bombed a Syrian army convoy this week.  Let me remind you only Russia has been giving permission by the Syrian government to enter their airspace: not the US, not Israel, not France, not Germany, not Turkey.  What the hell are we doing?  ISIS has doubled in size.  Clearly our plan to fight ISIS inside a sovereign nation is not working, not to mention it is ILLEGAL.


[Crazy] A man is suing a NY museum for a Renaissance-era artwork that depicts Jesus Christ as not a native Middle Easterner but as a white, blond-haired man.  He’s suing them for “personal stress”, in his words, “I’m suing a public venue which by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can’t discriminate on a protected basis.”  The painting was created over 400 years ago.

[France] The far right nationalist movements are growing in France and the party picked up 30% of the votes in the recent election.  Watch out Europe, this nationalism will spread, and it will destroy the EU.


[Clinton] Great quote from last month, she misspoke apparently.  However, I think it’s funny how the truth always finds a way out even when you don’t intend to. “Earlier today I announced that as president I will take steps to ‘ban the box,’ so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process,” Clinton told the assembled crowd. She did not correct herself.

Right and Duty to Offend man at Oxford gives a great explanation on why we need a right to offend.  The whole talk is good, but the last 2 minutes are right on.

Some comics and image macro’s follow.


Started an audio book of Plato’s famous “The Republic”  the failure of my public schooling has become very apparent this year.


You tell ’em Bernie.




I have no idea about the accuracy of this chart, but I don’t believe white people are a global majority.  The terminology should probably change.  Especially with growing immigration and higher numbers of mixed race children; the terms minority and majority, when related to race, are largely useless at this point.


Beijings first red alert weather day for smog.