Traveled to Jeju with Hyeon Mi and her family.  It was a lot of fun and we hiked up snow covered Hallasan.  What a unique experience.  Hyeon Mi’s parents were very kind and welcoming of me.  I felt pretty comfortable but was happy to go home and enjoy some alone time.  The strangest part of the trip was going to the spa and soaking in the bathtub with her father in naked silence haha.  It was a good time though, we had coupons and free hotels so it was a cheap trip.  Her Mom brought gave me some Jeju oranges (famous crop in Jeju), they’re really good.  I’m thinking to return the gift by printing off some pictures to share and a short Korean note.

The hike itself wasn’t too hard, about 2.5 hours to go up.  Hyeon Mi’s family is a lot of fun to be around, it made me miss realize that I missed that feeling of being with family too.  In other news I’m planning to extend my contract 1 month until the end of January, then six weeks as Baeksu (unemployed) while I get a job seeking Visa for 6 months, and then onto the plane to come home.

I’m planning to get eye surgery at the end of the month.  Leaning towards ICL again, but…a little concerned about long term effects.  LASEK is my other option possibly and there is roughly a $2,000 price difference but ICL is reversible, less pain and quick recovery.  My eyes are not in good shape so I think now is the time for surgery or just get glasses and continue wearing them for life.

I recently received results for my comprehensive physical last month.  So much data and they emailed me a copy to keep which is really cool.  I am practically the most normal, average person ever.  I expected to score better on some things.  My blood pressure (diastolic) is really good but my (systolic) blood pressure is on the upper end of normal.  My blood is good, not fatty, bad cholesterol is on the upper side of normal, but good cholesterol is great.  The body machine works by passing electricity though you to measure certain things, they are inaccurate but they can give you a ball park estimate.  They said I should lose 2.5kg of fat and gain 0.3kg of muscle.  It’s probably good advice, but I’ve already lost 3 kg since I took the test and now it’s time to hit the gym and put on some muscle (and fat) again.  I probably should focus on cardio and heart health, I just hate running and I feel like biking in this smoggy air hurts more than it helps…

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