After a 3rd trip to the LASIK doctor they’ve ruled out LASIK and LASEK because of my thin and oddly shaped corneas.  Leaving me with just a single option due to my astigmatism, Toric Aqua ICL(TICL).  TICL is simply put, a permanent contact (made out of collagen) that goes behind your iris and in front of your natural eye lens.  Short terms risks are very low, it heals fast, involves a small 2mm cut, and side effects are not as severe, leading to much improved vision after a single day.  The alternatives LASIK/LASEK ($1200) are FDA approved, US Air Force approved known to be safe but still carry side effects, a long and more painful recovery.  It is the most popular surgery and at such a low price, you figure you’ll have made up the price difference between glasses and prescription sunglasses overtime, essentially making the surgery a guaranteed good investment that has the benefit of convenience.

The bad part about LASEK is it blasts away part of the eye, you can’t get it back or repair it.  With TICL nothing is removed, so the procedure is reversible, if it absolutely needs to be.  Regular ICL costs triple the LASIK price about $3600 but due to my astigmatism I have to get the more expensive option which runs about TICL at $4600.

I’m sort of torn, I’m 28 years old.  I will need reading glasses eventually.  ICL has a good track record and it is approved by the FDA also.  The Toric version I would be getting is not yet approved but it is expecting to be approved soon.  From what I read there are some longer term concerns about ICL reducing cell counts in the eye.  I don’t think I can justify the cost though.  I may be best to wait, but it’s entirely possible I’ll be waiting forever.  Going keep thinking on this one…

I sure am tired of wearing glasses and not being able to wear sunglasses.  I think the whole eye care industry is a rip off.  Glasses have been around for nearly 800 years and it still costs over $100 dollars to shape some discs of hot sand into lens and throw them inside some cheap plastic made in China frames.


The $1.8 trillion spending omnibus sailed though congress without much of a fight.  Most of the points I mentioned last post talk about how the bill benefited non-citizens, and while those parts might be the most objectionable, really the cost is the biggest issue.  Here is Trumps comments.  I think he nails it with a lot of valid criticism.  I really don’t like some of the statements he gives, but I did enjoy his response below.  That said, I wish Ron Paul was running again.

trump statement abc 2