I turned it on late knowing it was not going to be fun to watch.  Obama took credit for ending Ebola.  He claims Russia is trying a cold war power grab in Ukraine and Syria.  We apparently helped Columbia end it’s 10 year long war too.  We are on the track to cure Malaria and cure HIV.  He’s just full of lies, and we did this, we did that, we did this.  The overdose of American exceptionalism is nauseating.

The crowd cheers and claps when he reminds them that we killed Osama bin Laden and other terrorists, while it’s nothing but crickets when he mentions terrorist leaders captured and put in jail.  We are a really sick society.

Then he says we need to have open debates, yet he pass gun controls though executive action, and overrules HIPPA.  When congress denies him the laws he requests he accuses them of not doing their job and refusing to compromise.

Obama correctly identifies that citizens are fed up with current politicians and seem disconnected from democracy.  The surprise of his speech was that he plans to spend his final year working towards election reform.  Possibly online voting or a voting holiday I suspect.  This could be designed to hurt Trump depending on how quickly it is implemented.

He correctly sees the fracturing of society, of people turning away from faith in government and putting it in their community, race, religion.  The end of the speech engaged in some cheap flattery of the American people.  All style and no substance on this speech as a whole.

In other news, Ran Paul’s bill to audit the Fed was defeated in Congress, 52 to 44 in the Senate, 8 votes short.  A silent armed protest was demonstrated in front of the Atlanta Federal Reserve.