A nicely written critique I found.  You may enjoy it if you are open to the idea that immigration is happening for a reason, a conspiracy if you will.  I don’t subscribe to the idea, but I’m open to considering it and it does explain some of the “why?” behind the immigration problems in Europe and the US.

It starts, “Why are [nations] doing this?”  “This” refers to accepting refuges/migrants in Europe or refusing to deport and enforce immigration law in the US case; when the nations have little/noting to gain from these people.

It continues…

“Why are [nations] doing this?”

“The excuses given are multiple. The first one is that developed countries’ birth rates are too low. Yet why is the solution more immigrants instead of promoting reproduction in the population? Then, we’re told that we are letting in skilled workers in. If we are low on skilled workers, why is the solution more immigrants and not forming more skilled workers at home? Then we’re told, because who cares about contradictions, that it’s because we’re short on unskilled workers as the local population apparently refuses to take those jobs. If so, why is the solution more immigrants, and not better wages and working conditions? And at last, once backed in a corner, the globalist will speak of some imagined duty towards the greater human race, as if it is our duty to accommodate the rest of humanity at our expense.

The true reasons for immigration are multiple, from simple naivety to outright evil. Yet, if I were to determine one common goal for all globalist leaders, it would be that they wish to go back to the days of an ignorant, poor and powerless pseudo-slave worker class. By flooding their nations with immigrants who accept lower wages, longer work days, worse working and life conditions and who won’t complain, they force their population to compete with them, and thus prevent social progress. And by social progress, I don’t mean the immaterial and abstract gobbledygook some would claim as social progress such as brotherly love, “equality” (read: equal representation and outcome) and multiculturalism. I mean concrete, objective progress, such as actual equality (before the law, actual equal opportunity), greater wealth, better life conditions, longer life expectancy, etc. Their hope is to not only stall social progress, but to regress it and return to the days of wealthy aristocracy who had all the rights and no responsibilities while those who worked saw but a meager return on what they actually produced. They want to enslave their population, and mass immigration is one of the means to do it.

And so remember: No nation has any duty towards foreigners. Immigration should only be allowed if the nation has anything to gain from it. And there is no problem in your nation which can be solved by replacing its population with that of another.”