He wrote a nice op-ed on being pro-life (with multiple exceptions) and even as a pro-choice person it gave me some pause.  I recommend the short read.


He approaches the subject by invoking the Constitution, which was nice to finally hear.    He talks about the social loss due to abortions.  He also mentions how Roe v. Wade instantly overruled every state and local law and forced states to abide by the federal version.  I think abortion being decided at a state level is a happy middle ground.

This is a excellent platform to run on.  People have never had more disdain and trust over the federal government and I think pushing states right would be cunning politically and also, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty.  Having the 10th amendment a priority would truly “Make America Great Again”, and I would support any candidate who supports such a position, even if it is Hillary.

Government governs best when it governs locally.  You can see how your tax money is being spent in your community, and you have the power to actually voice concern that must be listened to.  Limiting federal powers seems impossible now, but I think it vital to ensure our liberty.

Trump also came out against Federal marijuana prohibition.  He wants to repeal Federal law and empower the states to make their own choice.  THIS IS BRILLIANT.  This is better than having the government declare it legal.  Let states decide!  People will vote with their feet and their tax revenue, moving to states with more opportunity and freedom.