First GOP

Cruz told people Carson was suspending his campaign, and that Carson voters should vote for Cruz.  It worked and won Cruz Iowa, but it was a lie.  Carson is not quitting.  Cruz is a bad guy, no morals.


Some are suspecting Microsoft’s Iowa voting machines for suddenly voting for Microsoft’s endorsed candidate, Macro Rubio.  This would explain his “surge” and the fact that opinion polling does not correspond with the results.  Rubio and Microsoft share the idea that more high skilled foreign workers working and living in the US is beneficial.  I believe they depress wages, set uncomfortably higher standards in the office, make the job market more competitive for domestic born workers, and H1B visas rob foreign countries of their most talented individuals.  That’s simply my opinion though.

Scott Adam’s the Dilbert creator is predicting yet another surge for Rubio in New Hampshire.  Goldman Sachs has pulled their support for Jeb and are now supporting Rubio.  The establishment is beginning to rally around him.  It would be a shame if Trump is out of it because I feel like he is the only one that isn’t a career politician, and out to screw everyone.  He’s the only GOP candidate that sees the necessity for a single payer health care system.

I wanted to gloat that my prediction was for Rubio and Cruz to be the front runners in the GOP with Rubio taking the win.  It will be interesting to watch, but so far it looks very possible.  The polls when I made this prediction were according to Real Clear Politics aggregate polling…

Carson 25%, Trump 25%, Rubio 11%, Cruz 8%

On to the DNC

Heard a conspiracy theory that was too good to ignore.  This one guy I listen to has been calling for Elizabeth Warren to win the DNC nomination.  It’s absolutely bonkers but the guy has been on it for over a year now and sticking with it.  She is registered on the ballots and filled the paperwork, but hasn’t said a word, in fact has denied she will run multiple times.  Biden is in a similar situation with denying he will run.

What this theory hinges on is if the FBI director chooses to indict Hillary for her keeping classified materials on a private server.  James Comey, a Republican, has the ability to sink Hillary’s entire campaign should he choose to.  [What Hillary did is illegal and it is insane we live in a system where the elite are immune to laws]  Anyway, this is dangerous for Hillary.  But lucky for her, a Federal Judge, appointed by Bill Clinton himself(I’m sure it’s a coincidence) is looking to retire and he has ordered that secret HSBC files be made public, files HSBC desperately wants to keep hidden.  James Comey was on the board at HSBC when wrongdoings were happening and these files likely have some very incriminating information on Mr. Comey.  The Judge has announced his will retire after this final case.  We could be witnessing two political elites blackmailing each other.

Sanders can’t win, much like Trump.  The establishment simply won’t allow it.  We may want one of them but we don’t get to choose, that’s the broken system we live in.

So what the DNC could do, rewrite some rules, make a ticket with Warren and Biden and presto, you have a complete and perfect package.  “It’s almost too delicious to believe my friend.”