Ross Perot, ahead of his time.

Likely 1,400 more votes for Trump.  This is how business is done now, welcome to the global market place where labor, capital, and companies can freely move around the world.  People should have paid more attention when this trend started a decade or two ago.  The H1B visa thing is getting out of control as well.  Bernie said he plans to grant the 11 million illegal aliens citizenship status if he gets elected…Clinton is currently under 4 different Federal investigations.

I hope this is a Sanders/Trump election.  I swear Trump is the only  person that consistently puts American citizens first, I think we are entirely too far down the rabbit hole to ever find a our liberty again.  Clinton has the primary rigged with super delegates too, she lost New Hampshire by nearly 10% but she got 15 delegates, Sanders got 13.

Elsewhere markets are crashing.  Japan invoked negative interest rates.  Central banks now pay private banks to take their money.  Soon depositors will be CHARGED interest to keep their money in the bank.  This has spooked markets and gold shot up nearly $200 an ounce in the past 2 months.  Most of the articles I’m reading are predicting a big drop in markets for the short term and then we’ll race to new highs in the market.  A lot of people are seeing 2017-2020 as the year it all comes crashing down.  What happens when government loses their trust.  Nobody is buying 30 year government bonds anymore.  Banks don’t want to sell 30 year fixed rate mortgages, there is very little faith in the future it seems.