Gold had rallied up to $1260 from it’s low of $1050, now it is returning downward.  Lots of unease in markets before yesterday. Today seems to have brought a lot of calm and things are looking up.  Money is trying to get out of China and many people are expecting a Chinese devaluation.  This is bad news for me because it will effect Korean Won exchange rate a lot.  Already the rate has increased from 1180, 3 months ago to 1225 now.  I would like to get my money out of Korea now, but it is stuck until the end of the month.

I think cash is king for now.


WW3 could be on the horizon in the middle east.  Saudi’s are doing a drill with 350,000 soldiers on the Syrian border.  Turkey is firing artillery into Syria and has troops on the ground.  This is not good stuff and there is a serious risk of escalation.  I have no idea what it means for the US.


Korean News

North Korea tested a nuke and shot a satellite up into space.  The South has responded with propaganda played on speakers, the shut down the joint economic zone, 4 American F-22’s landed near Seoul, a carrier group is nearby.  Likely nothing will come from this, I think the goal is to force a move from China.  China is becoming the de facto controller of North Korea.  The North is likely to get swallowed whole by Chinese influence and just become a part of China.  The West is trying to drive a wedge between them, but it may just bring them closer.


Korean News

The youth of Korea feel very disenfranchised and many of them look upon their country with a sort of reverse-nationalism.  The internet has really opened the world up, people can see online, a socialist society like Sweden, and people start to ask questions like, “Why can’t our society do that?”  I think this is a global phenomenon with some dangerous potential.

You can’t just look at a society and say, “Hey they have free healthcare, lets do that!”.  It doesn’t work, it’s not sustainable.  The ideals and culture of that society PRODUCED free healthcare for their citizens.  You can’t just copy and paste one countries solution to a problem and apply it to another.  That solution was designed with different citizens in mind with different cultural norms, habits, etc.  Free healthcare likely can not work in the US; we have a society of people that will abuse every inch you give them.  From businessmen skirting the definition of fraud, to a rapper riding his limo to pick up food stamps.

We (all people, of all societies) need to understand that we can’t simply port someone else’s solution to their problem and make it our solution.  Canadian healthcare is free, but there are long wait times.  Canada has a population of 35 million.  The US has a population of 320 million.  Our illegal immigrant population is bigger than the entire population of Sweden.  We obviously need different solutions to our problems.  Anyway back to Koreans…

A lot of young Koreans envy the work hours in Europe, the social norms that Europeans follow.  The lack of yielding to authority based on age/status/occupation.  A more hedonist and relaxed lifestyle.  But Koreans don’t understand that their society is set up that way because of the culture and ideals of the society, and the people within it.

I see Korean’s bemoan the long work hours, but will talk shit about a co-worker that leaves early.  I see Korean’s complain about how the rich get away with anything, but should they ever see a rich/famous person, they will act like God himself appeared.  I see people bitch about running red lights, parking on the side walk, etc,  but the same people will ease though a crosswalk at a red light if it’s empty.  People complain about how important looks are in Korean society, but they are the people that put make up on first thing in the morning and spend the entire day looking for a mirror to make sure everything is still perfect.  They’ll hate the education system, but they willing participate in it, and make their children follow the same system.  People have to realize this…Individuals make a society, and individual actions add up.

You want to change society?  You want to live with more generous people.  Go to a food kitchen, feed some homeless, help a veteran.

That whole, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” is exactly right.  Generalizing heavily here: Korean people are too afraid to change, too afraid to be different and stand out.  Since individuals make a society, if the individuals are unable to change, then the society unable to change.

I feel like Koreans have given up.  It’s depressing really.

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