When will my fellow American’s wake up to how completely screwed we are on healthcare and insurance in general.  Looking at buying insurance for the roadtrip.  Non-citizen insurance premium is 20% less.  The only single variable I changed.  I’ve noticed this on two websites so far.  The rest of the world would never pay what we do, they probably couldn’t even imagine it.

Looking at the healthcare.gov site it looks like you can’t even buy insurance unless it’s it is a certain time of year…what kind of madman designed this system.  Once you get into this backwards site they want to know all sorts of stuff, “See available plans before you apply, with prices based on your income”  Why are prices based on income.  Where is the equality in that?  This is a practice that would kill motivation to chase a higher income.  Friedman’s negative income tax comes to mind as a solution to our desire to help the poor without hurting them.

This “market place” is total junk.  I can’t find a single plan on here that would cost me less than $5,000 a year.  The lowest monthly premium is for $180/mo, the travel insurance I’m looking at would be around $150 for 3 months.

Median wage is $27,000 in the US.  Take out 17% (15% federal, 2% state) Knock off $5,000 for health insurance and you’re left with $17,400 or $1,450/month.  That’s gonna be real tough to live on in most places in the US.  My salary is higher than that now, but the subway and bus cost a dollar, my rent is only $350 and in general services are much cheaper and cost of living is lower.