Trump has recently said it is “so important to audit the fed”.  This is the newest statement that makes me draw parallels with Andrew Jackson.  It’s surprising the similarities, of course Trump is not Jackson, and my human brain is simply looking for patterns to recognize.

Both are anti-foreigner.  Jackson’s policy moved the Indians out West, Trump offers to move illegal immigrants across the wall.


Both are against central banking it now appears.  Jackson ended the second bank of the union.  Trump has the chance to audit, and end the third bank of the union.

Both came to power on a wave of populism that promised to enfranchise voters.

Both ran for office and lost in the election before they won.

Both are the first of a splintering off of their party.  Jackson was the first president of the “Democratic Party” formerly the “Democratic – Republican Party” while Trump looks to be a new faction of the “GOP” with a “yet to be declared” new name.

Jackson stretched the limits of executive power and ruled like a king, according to opponents.  Many of the things Trump says seems to imply a similar attitude.  Like I’ve said before neither were strict Constitutionalists, but that likely won’t/didn’t stop them from getting things done.


Both are tough talkers and masters of communicating with the public.  Jackson’s policies delayed secession for 3 more decades.


Jackson and Trump both have/had very ardent opposition, people that detest not only their policies, but the actual person.

I write this post mostly because of Trump’s recent comments about the Fed, it made the similarities stick out.  But is also reminds me of the danger ahead for Trump.  Abe Lincoln opposed the central banks of his era, printing another currency (The Greenback).  By doing so he was able to fund the actions of government without creating a national debt and without much need to pull in taxes.  Kennedy also opposed the Fed.  As did Jackson.


Kennedy was assassinated, as well as Lincoln, and Jackson had an assassination attempt on him while he was in office.  The only thing saving Jackson was the dumb luck of both of the assassin’s pistols malfunctioning.  The point is, speaking out about the evils and wrong-doings of the central banks, or trying to bring them to light is dangerous business.  It’s nothing to worry about when Ron Paul or Rand Paul are getting a few percent of the vote, but that changes very quickly when populism is aligning behind a potential candidate.  There are a lot of people out there that have nothing but hate for Trump, so I do not think it would be difficult for the CIA/deep state to find some patsy to pull the trigger on Trump.


I hope Trump stays safe and the election proceeds without incident.  On the democrats side, it’s a real shame to see the DNC pulling all these dirty tricks against Sander’s.  It’s like Sanders and Trump are both campaigning 3rd party now.  Neither of their political affiliations are lending them any support, and actually seek to stonewall at every opportunity.