I moved out the entirety of my things from my old house.  Got my key money back.  Moved in with Hyun Mi’s folks.  Canceled my phone contract.  Got a new prepaid phone.  Got food poisoning, ended up in the emergency room for 4 hours on two IV’s (Hyun Mi insisted).  Three X-Ray’s, blood work, 3 days of pharmaceuticals, total bill for me (the completely uninsured idiot) ~$300 and a 5 minute wait.  Not the best experience, but not too bad either in hindsight, and considering insurance costs $70 a month I actually came out on the positive side.  Still, when I return I will be getting insured.

We’ve been moving stuff into Hyun’s Mi’s place and attempted to send a package home.  18.5kg package was going to cost ~$200, so we elected not to send anything just yet.  What a rip off.  You can buy a commerical airline seat for a 80kg person one way for about ~$1000.  Roughly $250 per 20kg.  Don’t tell me these packages are flying coach with leg room, arm rests and meal service.  Unbelievable price.  While sending by boat comes out to about $50, it takes 3 months.

I also completed my Aqua ICL surgery yesterday.  Without going into too much detail, it was very painful for a few minutes.  I have to wear goggles to bed basically for two weeks.  No saunas, no drinking, no smoking, for several weeks.  I’m 24 hours post-op and I can see amazingly.  Perfect vision.  Everything sharp and clear.  My eyes are a little tired, and I have trouble and pain when focusing on very near things in front of my face.  I hold my phone and laptop farther away now, simply because it feels more natural and comfortable.  The bill was about $4000 USD, and while expensive, compared to the LASIK at $1000, my total price was very reasonable compared to operations at home.  I’m looking forward to wearing sunglasses for the first time in years.

We will be off to her grandmothers and uncles house on a small island near the her parents home town.  Rural island life.  It will be an interesting experience so I don’t want to miss it but we have so much going on right now…it feels overwhelming.  In hindsight I’ll be happy I went.

I’m really looking forward to heading home seeing family and getting on the road.

We also went shopping for a suit at some outlet.  Retail price on it was over $1300, we paid about $230.  I can’t believe anyone pays retail for this stuff, it’s a nice suit and I get to try it out at someone’s wedding next weekend.  Last wedding I was at I got to help throw the groom in the air.  Korean’s sure love to have a good time.

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In politics you see all these meme’s the media is creating to push Trump as a racist.  The evidence simply isn’t there.  Some former KKK dude said he likes Trump.  They are trying to make a controversy about this, like when Putin complimented Trump.  The media is so clueless.  Here is what one black person had to say about it.  The MSNBC host is baffled, the wrong video clip was likely played.