Been so busy recently packing and buying stuff I haven’t had time to keep up with politics.  Liberating but at the same time I feel I’m missing important stuff.  The rise of Trump and fracturing of the GOP is certainly going to leave a historical mark on history.  I think Martin Armstrong summed it up best, it’s not a single Trump that is the problem.  The trend is against politicians, Trump is simply riding the wave.  Screw him over in the convention and you’ll have an army of Trump’s in 2018 running for Congress.  You already see this with outsiders throwing their hat in the ring.  Career politicians might be done for, the electorate appears to be ready to accept some risk and upset the status quo.

Anyway onward with pics.  This weekend we went to a wedding for one of Hyun Mi’s friends.  Two months ago we hiked Jirisan with the family and had a cook out at a remote pension.  Good times all around.

I’m currently in Jeju island for the 4th time soaking up one last vacation before we head to the US on the 16th.  Meeting some of Hyun Mi’s friends here and just taking a few days to relax for ourselves.  This has been one of the busiest weeks in my life.  3 doctors appointments for eyes, surgery, dentist, moving out of house, selling things, moving into house, packing everything for 3 months…and so on.  Excited to be coming home!