We arrived back from Jeju today.  Great trip but a little expensive.  For 3 days 4 nights we spent about $580.  Short trips are hard to do on the cheap with plane tickets and rental cars.  Biggest expenses was food, and then gifts.  I bought fruit for Hyun Mi’s family, and my dentist, and some gifts for other people.

My eyes are doing great.  I had some very slight pain when yawning, coughing or sneezing, but that is gone now.  I get headaches if I’m up too much or don’t nap, I used to never get headaches but it is likely just my body adjusting.  It could be a result of change in air pressure on the plane rides, being tired, or other things.  I suspect it may be caffeine related, a shame I enjoy coffee.

Great to be back in Busan.  We went out to eat again as a family and I got the sense her Dad was kind of a big deal in the area.  He referred to himself as #2 mafia, but he was probably just being fun, though nobody really knows what his profession is.  I find it likely he is telling the truth, as when we arrived 4-5 guys were there to great us and bowed to him, while they provided valet service.  He’s a nice guy and really generous to his family, I respect him for that.  Hyun Mi’s folks have worked their tails off to get away from the rural fishing village where they grew up together all the way to the big city, it really is something special.  Though, I think this is a story many Korean’s share as the country has improved at such speeds.