Trump had a rally planned in Chicago yesterday.  The event was canceled before he arrived as protesters and supporters battled both outside and inside the venue and the police were never really able to establish control.  The decision to cancel was made by Trump due to the recommendations from the Secret Service and the local Police. The Mexican flag is currently being waved on the live stream, and there is video of protesters intentionally stepping on the American flag.  Black Lives Matter was planning to protest this event and many of the supporters can be seen waving Bernie signs earlier in the day.  Will Bernie disavow?  I joke, but the media bias on this event, truly is absurd.

They’ll call Trump the hate monger but ignore the people tearing down Trump signs, hitting people, and forcing the cancellation of an event people waited several hours in line to attend. has been implicated in organizing this and has threatened both Trump and his supporters with intimidation, that this kind of occurrence will continue.  These are dirty people we are dealing with.

The liars in the media are blaming this all on Trump; it’s his rhetoric, it’s his non-existent ties to the KKK, it’s his rude way of talking.  They’ll blame anyone except the Black Live’s Matters protesters that have people trapped in a parking garage and refusing to let them leave.  They’ll blame anyone except the individuals who rushed the stage, or the ones who started throwing punches.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility.  It’s it my Mother and Father’s fault if I rob a convenience store?  Is that not my actions and free will.  I only joined the live stream of the Chicago protests a few minutes ago, but the stuff I’m hearing on the police scanner sounds wild.

Meanwhile, the stuff I hear on the CNN/MSNBC streams sound like an alternate reality.  It really is amazing the powers that have aligned against this presidency.  We’ve had a sitting president denounce and primary candidate.  Has this ever happened before?  Every media station is jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon, even the GOP’s mouthpiece Fox News.  The news station that couldn’t possibly shill for Romney in 2012 any harder, would rather see their current front runner gone completely.  Despite the fact that the number of GOP Primary voter number increased 24%.  The GOP would rather see Clinton win than Trump, it’s nuts.

Why one might ask why?  Organizations of all kind hate change, and they hate it with a passion.  When there’s a new way of doing things, a new way of solving problems, a new way of relating to everything, organizations (and the establishment) feel threatened.  Change renders meaningless the value of their hard-won experience and know-how.  Here’s some more of what M. Armstrong had to say on Trump…


Everything government has done to line its pockets is threatened. The rules of the game may no longer apply.  So they dig in their heels and will do whatever it takes to resist change.  They resist perpetually until forced otherwise.  They subvert any process that would lead to change.

Until they lose, it becomes open warfare against the people to sustain the establishment and its perks.  And so it is with Donald Trump.  Like him or not, he has completely rewritten the rules of Presidential politics.  He bypasses the media, taking his message, raw and unfiltered, to the millions of people who follow him on Twitter.  The party establishment went from underestimating him and laughing at him to fearing him breaking out in night sweats.  They fear all power and their relevance will vanish into thing air.
Donors gave Jeb Bush $120 million and he came in dead last.  The money, like Jeb, is gone and it could not save their fiefdom.  Now wealthy donors have a choice. Oppose Trump and if he wins and they are out in the cold. Understand there is a change in the wind and shift sides to the people.
How ironic.  It took a billionaire to neuter the billionaire donor class.  Most of the media hates Trump to the core and dislike the fact they are no longer able to play kingmaker losing their power fearing they will be irrelevant with the internet displacing them.
The political class have lost the power to rule behind the curtain from paid operatives and cronies who cannot transition to the new world where the old rules of campaigning don’t apply.
Trump has spent more on hats than he has on polls so the pollsters also have lost their importance.
Diplomats worldwide are running scared because Trump will renegotiate everything from a business standpoint that cannot be bought like Hillary & her foundation.
The handwringing, the dire predictions of doom, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth have little to do with Donald’s positions, but their loss of power.
They complain Trump is bringing in new voters who are not Republican. And this is bad? The Trump threat isn’t to the Constitution, to America’s standing in the world, or even to Republican Congressional candidates, it is to the establishment.
If you think Trump’s supporters are angry about the way the government and the business world colluded, you are right. The establishment fails to appreciate the anger.  They’re just furious. Even if Trump fails to win, there will be more in the wings. He is inspiring a change and he doesn’t even understand how profound.

The people have a lot of outrage, as demonstrated by Chicago.  On both sides.  This becomes a dangerous experiment for the elites as anti-establishment forces grow in both the DNC and GOP, they’ll do their best to convince us that we need their expertise and that only they can help us, but I hope we are smart enough to realize that we don’t need them and that the last 3 decades of their rule has been a mess.


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