A guy bull rushes the stage at an Ohio Trump rally.  Sends the crowd into a panic, gets wrestled to the ground by several secret service officers and disrupts the rally.  On the man’s twitter are talk of him wanting to be a martyr, and asking his friends to wish him luck, tweeting messages with guns and a smiley face, tweeting that white America must fall, and all sorts of violent threats.

After the man was wrestled, arrested and posted bail, CNN couldn’t wait to give this madman a spotlight.  He claims he was provoked by Trump, and that “Trump is a bully.”.  That he was simply exercising his free speech, by jumping a fence rushing the stage and planning to assault a presidential candidate.  There was a rumored USSS memo leak that said Trump will be the most high profile threat target that have had to defend in the history of the agency.

The media couldn’t  be happier to create an alternate reality where some people live and then convince viewers they need to go out and take insane actions.  That they will be immortalized for it.  It is just as bad as giving 24/7 new coverage to a guy who shoots up a school.  What CNN is doing is absolutely nuts.

There is a theory that the Chicago protest organized by MoveOn was done to implicate Bernie and drive a wedge between Bernie and Trump supports because they share so many commonalities.  The globalists are running scared.