The bags are in the process of getting packed.  I spent yesterday with Seong Hoon and some old friends.  It’s almost been 4 years since I first came here.  Time really does fly.  Hyun Mi and I had our 1000 day anniversary last weekend, a big day for couples but we let it pass without any special event.   Everything has been so busy recently.

Tomorrow we get on the plane early morning and fly out of here.  To Japan first, then to corrupt Chicago, then off to Georgia.  Total flight time from Busan to Georgia is about 22 hours.  I’m looking forward to my first time on a 787 as well as Japan Airlines food service.

I’m planning to create a new blog for the road trip and continue to maintain this one.  With my personal thoughts, politics, and whatever I find interesting.  I will provide a link on Facebook once I set up the new blog.