Very insightful Quora article I found that breaks down Trump’s strengths and how he is likely to win in 2016, written a month ago.  The authors reasoning is interesting, he talks about Bernie and Trump both being emerging ideas and that emergent ideas often triumph over established ones when they generate enough “escape velocity”.  He talks of how there is no such thing as bad publicity, even if people hate you, they are investing emotionally and giving you their mental attention.  Predictions that Trumps wild rhetoric would calm down, we are witnessing this currently.

The Chicago protester aftermath is simply laughable if you are watching CNN or other sources.  The media is really trying to goad something terrible into happening.  CNN asked Bernie, “Do you think someone might get killed at a Trump rally?” I’m sure that would be great for CNN’s ratings, but seriously, what kind of a crazy question is that?  The media is trying to make a circus out of everything because that’s all they know how to do in an attempt to get more ratings.

Bernie’s response to the question is below (30 sec).  As the title of the video suggests, the hypocrisy is palpable.  As I said in my previous post I think it’s likely the Chicago protest was highly organized by Hillary’s side of things.  She has the most to gain from such a stunt.  Obama’s buddy Rahm Emanuel runs that corrupt city, it’s entirely reasonable to consider that the vote tally on the 15th may not be entirely accurate.  The globalists are running out of cards to use to subvert democracy.

We are living in truly crazy times, 2 months ago a board member of the ACLU said on twitter someone should shoot Trump.  The ACLU, the bastion of free speech and civil liberties…