The whole article is worth the read.  (at least read the first few paragraphs) It touches on the corruption of the GOP, and by association, the DNC.  How they have managed to disenfranchise voters, commit fraud, and rewrite rules.  The Colorado Primary was canceled and replaced with a GOP convention that decides where all the delegates go.  Unsurprisingly, they selected Cruz to receive 100% of the delegates, despite Trumps led in every poll from the state.  What recourse do the people have?  Well if they get enough delegates on the GOP rule making committee they can challenge the Colorado delegates, this is unlikely to happen since voters do not select these people.  Thus, since the GOP and DNC are private entities they are not bound by laws, or the interests and will of the people.

The same thing that happened in Colorado happened in Wyoming.

Bernie and Trump are the only candidates promising any real change this election cycle.  Hillary and Cruz are promising more of the same.  It’s no wonder the news cycle, media, and others are aligning all their guns against these two.  I’ve never seen such a concerted and 360 degree attack on candidates in my life.

I predict this is the last time the established political class and blatantly play the role of “King Maker” and decided who our president will be.  The popular will and wave of populism serve as a check to uninhibited rule by a political class that see themselves as above the rest.  We saw this with Andrew Jackson, and we saw it with Reagan.  By throwing a wrench in the gears the process can not correct itself and is doomed to catastrophic failure.  This will come off as “end of the worldly”, but this is the end of democracy.

In the US it is the subversion of the electoral process, in the EU the unelected ECB, EU Commission among other unelected officials pass laws without anyone to check their power.  Meanwhile, the same officials hide their taxable income in Panama for the past decade to avoid taxes.  They think they are above the law and only see us as worker bees.

This is the end of democracy in the West, and likely the world.  The power is shifting to Asia and they have proven central planning can work.  Martin Armstrong predicts a similar rise in Communist countries.

“Ironically, those in former communist regions are in better shape because they are far more self-sufficient than those in the West who still believe in government. From that perspective alone, those populations are not dependent upon government, which replaced the family structure in the West. What children today save to take care of their parents? That’s government’s job.”

All the American’s of today expect government to take care of them.  Pay for medical, college, give them a job, and send them a check every 2 weeks after 67.  Worse yet is the state/federal employees drawing from pension funds that simply won’t have funds in 10 years without heavy borrowing.  See Illinois.  We have a sustainability problem no one wants to talk about.

I think all empires rise and fall, and the American empire as much as I love her, her principles, her people, and her founders; is absolutely on it’s way down.  Did you read the linked article at the top?