While there are numerous difficulties to contemplate of a Trump presidency, the one that sticks with me is that the establishment that created this mess are essentially wiping their hands clean just before the shit hits the fan.  The people who set up social security and kept the Ponzi scheme running without reform for decades, would be out of office in 2017 when Social Security starts taking in less money than it pays out.  The establishment that practiced policies of open borders via lack of enforcement and funding, sanctuary cities, and cheap easy foreign labor visas may not even be in office when normal citizens finally wake up.

We deserve Hillary, we really do.  Her face should go down in the textbooks as the ones that sold out their citizens for their own benefit.  Even with an anti-establishment candidate in the White House, there is little that can be done.  There is so much political inertia at play in politics I worry trouble can not be avoided no matter the results of 2016 or even 2018.